With only a couple of months till Christmas it would be fair to say that at the very least your venue has been booked for your corporate Christmas party.

(If not, please feel free to contact us now. Our key dates are going fast but if you get onto this asap we may be able to still organise something for you at one of our many venues throughout Melbourne’s key locations).

With that main task under your belts it’s time to start organising the fun stuff:


Setting yourself a simple timeline can help you visualise your event plan. For instance, it’s important to know the cut off date the venue has outlined for you to provide final numbers. Make this the first marker that you place in your timeline, then work backwards from there.


Confirm your budget as early as possible. This will help determine how much (if any) you have to play with for party extras such as decorations or funny gifts that can be distributed via door prizes, for instance.


If you haven’t already, send out a memo announcing a ‘Save The Date’, which should ensure all your favourite work buddies have every chance of being able to attend. As you know this time of year fills up very quickly in social calendars!

When it comes time to sending out the invitations with the complete event details, you will want to include the following:

-Date and Time
-Partners welcome?
-Dress code or party themes
-Secret Santa, if applicable
-RSVP date and contact details
-Remind people to let you know if they have special dietary requirements


Some Corporate Christmas parties we’ve seen have really embraced the festive spirit by incorporating a theme into their event. This can work in several ways – ask your guests to dress in a certain colour, or an op shop outfit, daggy sweater or maybe even something like an 80’s theme. Offer prizes for best dressed! This is a great time to tap into your creative side – even if your entire budget has been put towards food and drinks, you can still encourage a festive atmosphere if you plan ahead and get other people involved.


The next step will be planning the menu, which you can do with the help of our function managers. All our Christmas menus are carefully designed and executed, catering for varying budgets and tastes. We will also assist with the coordination of beverage packages to suit your guests.

This is such a fun time of year where you really get to celebrate everyone’s hard work and achievements. By planning ahead you will make this a party to remember, where you can sit back and chill on the day while the bubbles flow and the bosses(!!) play……………

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